2hrs Tantric Massage

This session is suitable for the time restraint but wants to experience a tantric session with some of the benefits. This involve an intimate full body massage using taoist tantric techniques breathing, Massage of the lingham genital area perineum the (prostate is optional) tantric edging, body on body light to deep massage strokes. thus massage can helps with premature issues. helps with erectile dysfunction and inability to maintain erection. you will be guided throughout the process. this massage is perform traditionally on the floor.

Classic Tantric Massage

Authentic massage is perform on the floor. The ultimate profound therapeutic spiritual and sensual intense massage therapy which goes deep into unblocking toxic emotions and release trauma's, 3-4 hr session is required to release block trauma enabling relaxation. this include tantric ritual exercise, using breathing, vocal sounds, trigger pulse point, body movements, yogic stretch eyegazing heart connection. massage of the full body include the lingham, perineum the prostate external and internal. deep to light massage strokes focussing on your sexual energy to build up sexual kundalini energy edging delay techniques bring you close to the edge and back keeping you in a high state of arousal. you will be guided during the massage to hold back and maintain without letting go. enabling you to stay in the high state of arousal. During the session you may experience a mixture of emotions which may comes up during the session which is normal. but finally complete relief after and the feeling of relaxation and a state of bliss.

Depending on your reason for wanting to have a tantric session a single session is beneficial but to address any underlying issues and for complete healing several session are required with 1 session per month for the first 3 month to begin with, that will be discuss with you. the options available.


Tantric Massage Authentic

  • single session 90min £220 incall
  • Single session 2hrs - £270 incall
  • Single session 3hrs -£300 incall
  • Single session 4hrs - £400 incall

Authentic Classic Tantric Massage

  • Single Session 2hrs -£300 outcall
  • Single session 3hrs -£400 outcall
  • Single session 4hrs -£500 outcall

Erotic Dark Tantric Massage Rates

  • Single session 1hr - £220
  • Single session 90min -£300
  • Single Session 2hrs - £450

Massage session and cost