You can enjoy the benefit of warm heated stone massage with oils which helps to relief tension, muscle aches and pain, alleviate stress increase blood flow revitalize and restore vitality and boost the imune system.
Hot stone therapy is a form of massage that uses hot and cold stones to bounce energy around the body and use for muscle aches, Tension.
Hot & cold stone are a special type of basalt stone originated from arizona, The stones varies in size and texture, Basalt stones are Black and smooth.
Cold stones are marble like and smooth which are also used during a hot stone or la- Stone therapy treatment, Cold stone causes vasoconstriction which release's histamines has a pain relief effect. and helps to repair damage tissue Hot cold combination Its effect has a meditative and relaxing state which also helps to balance the flow of energy along the chakra energy centre. Hot stone Massage increases circulation, Lymph drainage improves cell and physical metabolism helps digestion and the body to release harmone deeply relaxing.

90minute hotstone £150